The brain is the organ of destiny. It holds within its humming mechanism secrets that will determine the future of the human race.
- Wilder Penfield

Neuroscience at East Carolina University provides education and research training focused on student success. We are unique within Eastern North Carolina and are the only Neuroscience major east of the I-95 corridor, which allows us to serve the largest proportion of incoming high school graduates from the state! The field of Neuroscience strives to provide better understanding of brain function through cutting-edge research and clinical practice. Indeed, it is challenging, exciting, rewarding, and interdisciplinary – it combines STEM and non-STEM disciplines into one major focused on elucidating the brain-behavior relationship.

Scientific research is a core experience that we offer to students. Our contributing faculty research mentors are renowned scientists who provide training and mentorship to students at all levels of schooling, from freshmen to seniors. The research, communication, and thinking skills that students acquire through direct faculty mentorship will strengthen their resumes for advanced degree programs (graduate school, medical school, certifications) and prepare them for future success in biomedical and STEM careers.

Professional development is another core experience that we strive to provide students. Our students become leaders who exhibit the acumen and articulation abilities that garner attention in academia and the professional workplace.

Undergraduate excellence is second to no other objective at East Carolina University. Our students develop close rapport with research faculty in a diverse array of scientific environments, engage in educational and community outreach activities, stay connected with subject matter in Neuroscience through meetings, seminars, conferences, and workshops, and cement strong relationships with peers in the classroom and through membership in the Neuroscience Student Association.

Ready to take on the challenge? Please contact:

Dr. Tuan Tran
Neuroscience Program Director
Office: Rawl Building, Room 225